Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gosh time fly's! Noah just finished kinder. Dont know where the time went...first grade is just a few months away! (eyes tearing up) Olivia is getting so big too...she runs this place, runs me, runs her brothers! I love her to death could I not?! She is so much like me but X20! lol It's like they say...what you did to your parents your kids will do to you but worse and you will experience the same things they did and find a whole new understanding and appreciation. So this is me saying...yes i now understand and yes so much new found appreciation. Thank you mom...thank you dad :)
Alexis is 5weeks from turning 15! She is heading into 10th grade, playing high school bball, playing travel ball...getting ready to head out for a tourney in Vegas! She's really turning out to be an awesome kid...she always was. She is so much more mature than I was and headed down the right road. Not worried about that girl at all! ball of energy is stretching! Hieght is all he hopes for :) He will be starting 5th grade this August. He made the all-star team in soccer this past season and the all-star couch picked him up for this fall season. Made his year to get scouted. Im telling you guys...when they got it they got it and the scouting starts young!
Being home is great but a balancing act. I have to make time for me, time for friends ...a social life. I think thats important. So many moms get caught up being home and never take time for themselves for their friends and then they loose thme...loose themselves... thats sad. I dont want to be that person. I love my kidos love my family but I love having adult conversations...staying connected to my world of time with the girls...time with the hubby...that is most important. Remembering why we like eachother...when we can get away there are moments when i laugh out loud and look at him and think "haha your funny...i love that about you"! But sometimes we get so busy we forget to make it happen...or I just wanna get away from the house and call up the girls cuz it's easier to get them to wanna hang out cuz their feeling the same way. Anyway...that little rant...just to say home is great, but it's important to who you were before kids. That young heart, young mind...if you lost her find her :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Over Due Update

Geez it's been awhile I know. Just busy I guess. Work, kids, are we moving?? are we staying?? much to do. Well my birthday came and went. That was fun. Sergio and I went to Vegas alone. No friends no kids. We stayed at the MGM Signature. Very nice (thanks again Ernie). Friday we tried so hard to go out but we were so beat! We got all dress up, went to dinner, and then couldnt keep our eyes open so we went back to the room and went to bed! LOL I felt old in the morning when i realized we are in VEGAS and we went to sleep at like 10! O well. Satruday was a chill out at the pool. That had to be my favorite part. Sipping patron on ice in the sun reading a gossip mag. Then we went to old Vegas and had a blast. That is officailly my spot to play with my money. Stake and Lobster in Old Vegas for $11.99 was the best! Then it was off to the club. That was okay. I crashed there too. Again tiered and ready for bed at like 1am. All in all it was a great get away weekend for Serg and I.

Olivia! My baby girl had a birthday also! Baby girl turned 1 on 4/14. She is so big and talks so much. Mommy, daddy, Doggie, me, mine, awie, agua, shoe, teta, cookie....there is much more. Her hair is starting to get really curly it's adorable. She is the fiesty one of the family. Dont mess with her...she is so tough is scary. This beautiful thing is going to do some damage!

I am going to make an effort this weekend to add pictures of my b-day and Olivias 1st birthday. I need to make my blog a little cooler. Erin...i need your help! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hey no bad feelings here. Chargers did good....really good. (i just said that in a Nacho kids would understand) Anyway, ok seriously it was heart breaking. To see them get that far and just not get far enough...AGAIN! Like last year i will hope for next year. I wont give up though...never...i love my SD Chargers and always will. This was actually my first playoff game that i went to. Last year the hubby went with my bro and daddio. We had a blast! Too much fun. It was a great experience...Alexis was there to enjoy it with us as well. Next year year.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Vegas Baby, Vegas....

Just got back from Vegas. We had so much fun. Went with the hubby and his group of friends for a co-ed wedding shower. Well we seperated friday night. We had a blast. First it was off to a "sexy bar", then we went to Trist at the Wynn. Danced ....seriously DANCED till 4am. Saturday was a good day. Gambled in Old Vegas then went see O at the Belaggio. It was so amazing! Worth every penny...and it was alot of pennies.
I really thought I would miss the kids more, but I guess we really needed the time away. Not so much away from them, but just time for us. It was nice. We didnt have anything to argue about, we were a happy couple. I wish we could do it more. Like every few months. Just do something overnite with out the kids...just adult time.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


After many years of waiting for Sergio to take me, Im finally just saying F it and going with out him! I love you babe, but Im outta here! Im so excited. Im taking the kids and Im going to give them some culture. Cant wait! Going to Guadalajara.